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  • The Management Reserves the Right to Change or Alter Anything on This Menu at Any Time with Out Prior Notice

  • The Management Has Given the Right to The Customer to Bring Their Own Bottled Alcohol for Consumption During Their Meal – Strictly No Soft Drinks Allowed. (You Will Be Asked to Remove the Soft Drink from The Table or Alternatively Charged)

  • No Seat Can Be Taken Up Without Ordering a Main Course Dish Per Person. Alternatively, Two Sides or Two Starters Per Adult.

  • We Do Not Allow Customers to Share One Dish Between Two When Dining Within the Restaurant.

  • If Ever a Customer Is Noisy Who Is Disturbing Other Customers or The Management, They Will Be Asked to Leave. 

  • We Do Not Accept Responsibility for Any Lost or Stolen Personal Items After Entering the Restaurant. 

  • All The Gangways Should Be Kept Clear of Your Belongings.

  • The Floor Can Be Slippery When Wet. Please Take Care If You Are Wearing Heels.

  • Please Note If You Have Any Allergies to Double Check with The Management Before Consuming Any Food. We Do Not Guarantee Anything Unless Given in Writing. Anything Verbal Is Open to Human Error.

  • We Do Not Accept Separate Bills or Payments. Each Individual Table Bill Must Be Paid In Full As One

  • The Management Reserves the Right to Not Serve Anyone at Any Time Without Giving Reason. 

  • The Restaurant Has to Be Cleared Out Before Closing Time Due to The Restrictions on Planning.

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